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Japanese Maple

The Japanese Maple is an excellent choice for smaller gardens, large planters and bonsai. The Japanese Maple does best in areas that are partially shaded. These beauties turn a variety of shades of yellow and orange in the fall and in the spring purple-red flowers will add color and personality to your yard.

Shantung Maple

Similar to the Japanese Maple, the Shantung Maple does best in partial to full sun and require very little water supply. These trees are perfect for the heat of the Texas summer in that they have a high tolerance to heat. The Shantung Maple is a perfect choice for smaller yards.


The Redbud requires full shine and very little water supply. This small and rounded tree will blossom small rosy-pink flowers in the early spring and as a Texas native they are also available in selected varieties that include wine-colored flowers and purplish leaves.


The Dogwood does best in high-shaded areas. These small-rounded beauties are notorious for their profusion of beautiful pure-white flowers in the early spring and red fall color. The Dogwood is also a native to Texas.

Yaupon Holly

The Yaupon Holly is best for full to partially shaded areas and require only a small water supply. These Texas natives have a uniquely beautiful white bark and their bright red fruit are a favorite for area birds in the winter months.

Little Gem Magnolia

These small and compact evergreen shrubs require partial to full sun and are a great selection for a hedge plant or other small area. Their lustrous green leaves are covered with a bronzy brown pubescence and are known for their creamy-white flowers which blossom in the spring.

Southern Wax Myrtle

The Southern Wax Myrtle does best in partial to full sun with an abundant supply of water and fertilization. These rounded, deciduous shrubs have upright branches, glossy olive-green leaves that are wispy and can be pruned to form an attractive smaller tree

Colorado Blue Spruce

The Colorado Blue Spruce is best known for its popularity as a living Christmas tree. They are also a great landscape selection for full-sun areas.

Chinese Pistache

This large shade tree prefers a full-sun area and requires only a small amount of water. The Chinese Pistache can be the envy of the neighborhood in that it is known for its fall color that includes beautiful shades of scarlet, crimson, orange, and yellow tones. The Chinese Pistache is also easy to grow in that they have a high tolerance to drought and poor soil conditions

Bradford Pear

This beautiful upright symmetrical ornamental tree does best in the full sun and requires little watering. In the early spring, the owner of a Bradford Pear can enjoy its pure white flowering. In the fall, you can enjoy its purplish red foliage.

Shumard Red Oak

This large majestic beauty is a great shade tree that possesses brilliant red to yellow fall color. Because its roots have a tendency to grow deep, the Shumard Red Oak is a great street or lawn tree that is native to the Texas Oak.

Live Oak

The Live Oak is a Texas native that makes one of the best shade trees for this area. The Live Oak also does best in full-sun and is long-lived in the western areas of the state.

Bald Cypress

This large upright tree thrives both in wet waterlogged conditions as well as dry soil. Brownish-orange fall color can be enjoyed during the fall season. The Bald Cypress is also a Texas native and does best in full- sun areas.

Lacebark Elm

The Lacebark Elm requires an area of full sun and is extremely drought tolerant. This fast growing shade tree is known for its spreading nature.

Lavender Tree

Sometimes referred to as the “Chaste Tree”, the Lavender Tree is a small fasting growing ornamental tree which does best in the full sun. Its spikes of lavender blue color provide a centerpiece of color to your yard in the summer and fall.

Cedar Elm

The Cedar Elm is a large upright Texas native that is tolerant to both drought and a variety of soil conditions. The Cedar Elm has a beautiful form and seasonal orange-yellow fall color.


Contrary to most trees and shrubs, palms are extremely tolerant to poor soil, wind and salt spray. All Palms benefit greatly from routine watering and fertilization.

Mediterranean Fan Palm

The Mediterranean Palm is an excellent choice for planters or as a specimen plant. This plant thrives in full-sun areas in which it grows in clumps that develop from the offshoot of the parent plant.

Texas Sabal Palm

The Texas Sabal Palm is a slow growing fan palm that grows best in the southern most of Texas. The Texas Sabal Palm is also one of the most cold hardy palms in the area.

Windmill Palm

The Windmill Palm grows best in full to partial sun and is an excellent choice for a planter.