Designing the perfect landscape is more than just planting pretty flowers, trees, bushes and hedges. The perfect landscape design must include all of the above that is not just beautiful to look at but each selection must compliment each other. For that very reason at A & H Landscaping we have included a plant library that is complete with an extensive variety of plants, trees, shrubs, and seasonal color that we suggest for our geographic region. We also understand your decision to custom landscape your property is a big commitment and we will be happy to care for your outdoor beauties year-round, season after season.

Perennials are plants that unlike most annuals rebloom season after season without reseeding or replanting. Perennials usually die to the ground during colder months but return to full form in the spring. Some cold sensitive perennials may be considered annuals in the northern parts of the state and need extra mulching to protect their root system from freezing. At A & H Landscaping, our landscaping team will suggest the best perennial combination best suited to the needs of your yard and climate conditions.

We would like to invite you to tour our plant library so that you can learn more about each of the plants in your yard. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation, please contact A & H Landscaping at 214-729-6933.

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Canna is a full-sun to partial shade perennial that does great in the heat and drought season. Cannas are clusters of bright flowers that are available in shades of red, orange, yellow, pink, white and salmon. Cannas typically bloom in the late spring and well into the fall and are most attractive planted in mass and in borders.

Ox-Eye Daisy

The Ox-Eye Daisy is a beautiful white flower that has a yellow center. The Ox-Eye Daisy is a perennial extremely tolerant to heat and drought and are great as a fresh cut flower. Ox-Eye Daisies are an excellent backdrop for smaller perennials or as a border.


Coreopsis is a full to partial shade perennial with beautiful yellow daisy-like flowers that attract butterflies during the summer months. Because they are extremely heat and drought tolerant they are a great plant for low maintenance flower beds and gardens. Coreopsis is available in shades of yellow and orange.


Coneflower is large daisy-like perennial flowers that do great in full to partial shade sun exposure areas. Coneflower is rose-purple and white, and makes a great fresh-cut flower arrangement. Because they love the Texas heat, Coneflower is easily grown and perfect in naturalized settings.

Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisies are a full to partial shade perennial that have brightly colored flowers and are excellent as borders and in containers. Gerbera Daisies are available in pink, red, salmon, yellow, white, and orange. Some things to remember about the Gerbera Daisy are to mulch heavily, provide good drainage and do not ever allow soil to mound above crown of plant.


Firebush is a full-sun perennial that are also called Mexican Firebush and Hummingbird Bush. Firebush are tubular coral-red flowers that are excellent in large containers or in borders. Firebush also have coppery red foliage in the summer that turns more intense in the fall. Firebush are extremely heat and drought tolerant.


A Daylily is a partial sun perennial with large trumpet-shaped flowers that appear in almost every floral color besides pure white and blue. You can also choose between tall, dwarf, evergreen or deciduous varieties. Daylilies are great for mass plants, borders, and accents. They are also extremely heat and drought tolerant.


Hosta is a perennial that are great for the shady areas. They are also a favorite due to their colorful foliage and textured leaves that may appear in shades of green, blue-green, and yellow. Flowers also bloom in the center and may be blue or yellow. Hosta is also perfect for use in beds and borders.


Lillies are full sun perennials that bloom large flowers and range in color from orange, yellow, white, rose pink, red and salmon. Lillies are best suited in borders or containers and should also have soil that has been well-drained.


Oxalis are a full sun to partial shade perennial that bloom small single flowers in a variety of colors that include pale pink, to rose. They may even sometimes be white. They also have beautiful clover-like foliage and are excellent for perennial border.


Pentas are partial shade perennial with flowers that appear in clusters of pink, violet, red or white blossoms. Their star-shaped flower clusters attract butterflies and are excellent when planted in a mass of one color. Pentas are actually used as annuals in the North Texas region.

Russian Sage

Russian Sage is spikes of lavender-blue flowers that are perennial full-sun to partial shade beauties. Russian Sage makes a great contrast against dark evergreens. The foliage of the Russian Sage is also great for the use in fresh-cut flower arrangements.

Summer Phlox

Summer Phlox are full sun exposure perennials that are large domed-shaped clusters of flowers that appear in white, shades of red, pink, and lavender in the summer months. They also have a sweet scent and attract butterflies. Summer Phlox make excellent fresh-cut floral arrangements and are most attractive when planted in mass of the same color.

Gloriosa Daisy

Gloriosa Daisies are daisy-like full-sun perennials that appear in yellow, gold, orange, rust and brown. They are also available in single and double forms and are used for the back of border plantings.

Mexican Petunia

Mexican Petunia is a full-sun perennial that appear as funnel-shaped light purple flowers and bloom throughout the season. Mexican Petunias are great as informal borders or plantings.

Scarlet Sage

Scarlet Sage is a full to partial sun exposure perennial that has spikes of red blooms. Other colors available include rose, pink, white and bi-color. Scarlet Sage is perfect for borders and mass plantings.

Blue Sage

Blue Sage is a full-sun perennial that is extremely tolerant to heat and drought conditions. Blue sage is seen as violet-blue spikes that contrast beautifully with its silver-green foliage.

Autumn Sage

Autumn Sage is a full to partial sun perennial that has masses of small red, white, salmon, and pink flowers. Autumn Sage is extremely tolerant to heat and drought conditions.

Mexican Bush Sage

Mexican Bush Sage is a full to partial sun perennial that are long and slender spikes of purple or deep rose flowers. Mexican Bush Sage is excellent for fresh flower cuttings and is extremely drought and heat tolerant.

Blue Queen Salvia

Blue Queen Salvia are partial to full sun exposure perennials that have spikes of violet-purple flowers. Blue Queen Salvia are great for fresh cut or dry flower arrangements and are extremely heat and drought tolerant.


Sedum are full-sun exposure perennials that are available in pink, white, yellow, red, and purple. Sedum is ideal for rockery plantings and is also popular in containers and hanging baskets. They are also an excellent choice for poor dry soil.

Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller is a full to partial sun perennial and its silvery white leaves provide a beautiful contrast to an evening garden. Dusty Miller also blooms a small yellow flower which can be pinched off or left.

Purple Heart

Purple Heart is also known as Wandering Jew and is notorious for its purple foliage and tiny pale pink to deep purple flowers. Purple Heart is great for ground cover, hanging baskets, or patio containers and is extremely easy to grow.


Verbena is a full-sun perennial that appear as clusters of red, purple, pink and white flowers. Verbena can be used as ground cover, between stepping stones or cascading in containers. Verbena is extremely heat and drought tolerant but do not like wet soil.